BECOME A LANDLORD: GROW RICH IN YOUR SLEEP!⁣ The idea that you can buy an investment property and grow rich in your sleep sounds awesome, but there are some pros and cons to consider:⁣ PRO: Monthly income is awesome - If your property is in great shape and the tenant is great: those monthly mailbox checks can feel pretty great.⁣ CON: Tenants can be a pain - Renters typically won’t care for your home as if it’s their own investments. ⁣ PRO: Equity - The property can appreciate over time and the money you make from rentals may cover what you pay for the home.⁣ CON: You need capital - You need a down payment as well as the cash needed to manage the property.⁣ PRO: Tax benefits - Landlords can write off expenses that have to do with owning and maintaining their property.⁣ CON: Potential legal problems - the law is on your tenants' side if you slack on your duty tome repairs.⁣ If this is something you’ve been considering, I’ve helped tons of investors find properties; I’m a property manager and I’d love to help you out.